Youtuber Gabino Silva Viral Video On Twitter Reddit

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Youtuber Gabino Silva Viral Video On Twitter Reddit.

Youtuber Gabino Silva Viral Video On Twitter Reddit

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According to information that admins have known that a Youtuber and Tiktokers, Gabino Silva caused controversy.

Which is now becoming famous for recording himself insulting and hitting people on the street.

And to reap fame or become famous then he uploaded the video on social media networks.

The video is not fun and not worth seeing was uploaded on his Twitter account.

As for the content in the tape he is seen carrying out different eschatological practices without any censorship, certainly causing immediate rejection of hundreds of users. A cascade of insults and criticism was not long in coming.

If you do not know about the youtuber that last year Silva was in the eye of the storm after being caught in the center of Platense while fighting with knives with others, but ended up recovering his freedom a few days later.

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