Why Cafe Hollywood Albany was Shut Down Indefinitely?

18 Apr

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With this incident, it will be detrimental to the cafe owner and also make some customers disappointed because after the incident they will no longer be able to stop by the cafe for a period that is not determined by the authorities.

In this discussion the admin will attach some protests from the cafe owner and maybe it will be evidence of the defense that will be carried out by the owner in maintaining his cafe business.

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Why Cafe Hollywood Albany was Shut Down Indefinitely?

The owner of Cafe Hollywood says he’s ready to fight and that his business is not to blame for the violent crime. The Albany Police Department says the business may be connected to a shooting incident on Willett street near Hudson Avenue Friday morning.

The owner adamantly denies this allegation. He says he feels that his bar is being unfairly blamed for this. The bar was shut down immediately and indefinitely early Friday.

A City official says that Mayor Kathy Sheehan signed a state of emergency declaration, and Police Chief Eric Hawkins declared the business as a public safety nuisance and ordered its immediate closure. A city official says the bar has had 20 calls for service for police in the last three months, including a machete attack. Link below.


Owner Collin Rost says he never got notice about this, and says he has hired an attorney. He adds that he will now have to stay closed for an entire weekend at least, before he can fight this notice next week. He says he will lose 20,000 dollars due To this closure. He says his bar has nothing to do with the shooting.

Whatever happens around the streets around the corner, I don’t think I should be at blame for. So at the end of the day I’m rally sorry for the victims so for this to happen without notice or without cause, I think it was unfair.

The JC Club on first and quail is expected to stay closed.

This decision wasn’t made by the city, but by the club’s founder, pastor Charlie Muller. He had used the building to create meal programs and a food pantry. He says the area has become to violent and unsafe for staff and volunteers. He says one shooting incident had bullets enter the building. He had initially suspended activity there but now he says the last two recent shootings are too big a risk. He says the area outside the club has become too violent to stay open.

We said we will wait and see and the last two recent shootings we just don’t want to take a chance with someone getting hit on the inside of the club.

The Lark Street Business Improvement District president says that this is not a good look for Lark Street, and doesn’t represent the other businesses in the area.

The city has filed a complaint like this before. Back in February of last year the city filed nuisance complaint at the Delaware grocery store on Judson Street due to concerns that it attracted trouble there. That complaint has been put on hold for the last year and a half.

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