What’s With the Crane Operator Tiktok and Xiao Qiumei Tiktok?

20 Feb

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Fonetekno.com Back again with the admin here, on this occasion the admin will review a discussion about What’s With the Crane Operator Tiktok and Xiao Qiumei Tiktok? which is going viral recently because of a video on tiktok showing a beautiful woman on a crane.

The viral tiktok video was taken from above the crane operator and then an incident occurred where the woman who was recording the tiktok video fell and lost her life, suddenly it became viral because the incident was fully recorded by the woman’s cellphone camera.
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Tiktok is indeed often decorated with viral videos that attract public attention, not only about viral content, tiktok is also often filled with video content that makes us laugh, sad and even cry.

Like a video that the admin will discuss on this occasion, if you are curious about what really happened between the crane operator tiktok and Xiao Qiumei above, then watch this discussion to the end so that you understand.

What’s With the Crane Operator Tiktok and Xiao Qiumei Tiktok?

What’s With the Crane Operator Tiktok and Xiao Qiumei Tiktok?

Recently, TikTok was shocked by the heartbreaking incident that happened to a female influencer of Chinese descent who lost her life while making a tiktok video on a crane operator. This makes a sad history in the world of tiktok.
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So what really happened? Why did the woman make a tiktok video on a crane? Regarding the many questions that arose from various netizens, the admin became interested in discussing the incident and making learning also for those of you who like to play tiktok and make tiktok videos inappropriately.

In social media, tiktok is always related to a theme or challenge from users and their followers, but if the challenge is high risk then don’t do it, because it will only endanger each of you just for the likes and praise of the followers.

For those of you who are curious about the video, here the admin attaches some video clips that the admin took from youtube, please have a look.


If you want to get the full video please click here. But surely it would be very sad.

That’s what the admin might be able to inform you, hopefully this information can be useful and for those of you who want to see other viral videos, please click the link below.

The Final Word

Thus the discussion of the title above, hopefully this review can be useful and hopefully we can meet again in another discussion.
That’s all from admin, thank you very much for visiting.
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