Twitter Begins Testing Dislike Button for Some Users

10 Feb

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If you are a Twitter user, then you will definitely like this discussion, because Twitter will develop by issuing or releasing a dislike button feature in its application. Therefore the admin became interested in discussing it because the admin is also a twitter user.

Twitter is indeed very loved, especially by young people who like to create content and express themselves on social media, not a few people also use Twitter for trading media and marketing the latest products.

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New Twitter Begins Testing Dislike Button for Some Users

Twitter Dislike Button

Last year, Twitter’s chief product officer Kayvon Beykpour confirmed that the social network was “exploring” the idea of adding a dislike button to the app. Now, it appears that Twitter is in the early stages of testing a dislike/downvote button for some users on iOS.

Twitter confirmed this new test in a tweet posted to the Twitter Support account. The company says that some users on iOS will see new upvote and downvote options on tweets. Downvotes will not be shown publicly, while upvotes will be shown as likes, the company says, implying that the feature is only intended for internal metrics.

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According to Twitter, the goal of this new test is to “understand the types of replies you find relevant” in a conversation. The prompt that appears to users in the Twitter for iOS app reads as follows:

Dislikes aren’t public or visible to the author, while Likes are. They both help us understand what people think is valuable to the conversation”.

Twitter is testing multiple different designs for this new feature, including upvote and downvote buttons, likes and dislikes, and pairing the classic heart with a downvote, as seen in the image above. Again, the important thing to remember here is that this is a test and none of the information is publicly shown.

The ultimate scope of this test remains to be seen, and it’s unclear whether Twitter will expand these features beyond the current small subset of users.

Dislike Button

If you are curious and want to try this feature, please update your twitter here.

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