O que é Fleets do Twitter e O que é Fleets do Twitter?

Fonetekno.com Back again with the admin here, on this occasion the admin will review a discussion about O que é Fleets do Twitter e O que é Fleets do Twitter? which might make you understand about the fleet on twitter and then you can use this feature.

Twitter is indeed very liked by almost everyone, although there are not a few people who do not use twitter but in this case most of the people who use twitter, of course there are those who do not know about the title above, because usually people use social media without understanding everything. social media feature itself.
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And in this discussion the admin will discuss it completely and clearly about this, so you don’t have to be confused and what to do, just read this discussion to the end if you want to understand and understand this twitter fleet.

Immediately, for those of you who don’t know about this twitter fleet and want to know and try to use this feature, please refer to this review in full, so that you don’t fail to understand each paragraph of the article that the admin shares.

O que é Fleets do Twitter e O que é Fleets do Twitter?

O que é uma Frota do Twitter e O que é uma Frota do Twitter?

Fleets that appear above your home timeline and give you the ability to use and interact on Twitter in a whole new way, in real time. Fleet lets you share ideas that come to mind, and after 24 hours, they’re gone. Share private ideas instantly with your followers, free from public reaction. Fleet authors can see who viewed their Fleets, including accounts that have protected Tweets, by clicking on their Fleets and tapping the View By text below.

Fleet Highlights:

  • Fleets is designed for use on mobile devices on Android and iOS applications.
  • Fleets appear as circles in a row below the menu icon and above your timeline.
  • Fleets cannot be Retweeted and does not receive public replies.
  • Fleets can be marked with a heart or thumbs up.
  • Fleet can contain text, video, GIF, Sticker, or photo.
  • People can reply to your Fleet by touching Send Message or the emoji icon at the bottom of your Fleet.
  • If your DM is open, anyone can react to your Fleets. If your DM is closed, only people you follow will be able to react to your Fleets.
  • You can choose to enable or disable DM for any Fleet you post.
  • People with access to Fleets can view your Fleets in two ways:
  • If they follow you, your Fleets will be in a new bar above their Home timeline.
  • Anyone who can see your Tweets can view your Fleets from your profile by touching your profile photo.
  • If you protect your Tweets, your Fleets will also be protected.
  • To delete a Fleet, select Delete Fleet and it will delete the post.
  • You can select Mute Fleets or Fleets and Tweets by pressing and holding the Fleet icon on the person you want to mute in the Fleet bar.

Note: When you view someone’s Fleet, the author of that Fleet will be able to tell that you saw it using the Viewed By feature, even if your account has protected Tweets.
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Final Word

Thus the discussion of the title above, hopefully this review can be useful and hopefully we can meet again in another discussion.
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