Ngô Diệc Phàm or Kris Wu Underage Girl Hunting Case Back again with the admin here, on this occasion the admin will review a discussion about Ngô Diệc Phàm or Kris Wu Underage Girl Hunting Case which is now viral on social media and is in the public spotlight.

Public figures often do unusual things, and it cannot be denied that indeed every public figure is also an ordinary human being who will never escape mistakes.

like what happened to ngô diệc phàm or Kris Wu, he was caught in a scandalous case that ensnared him until the termination of his employment contract with his label.

If you are curious about what happened to ngo diệc phàm or Kris Wu, please see the full review below, because in this discussion the admin will thoroughly review what happened to Kris Wu.

New Ngô Diệc Phàm or Kris Wu Underage Girl Hunting Case

Ngô Diệc Phàm or Kris Wu Underage Girl Hunting Case

The scandal of Ngo Diep Pham’s private life, hunting underage girls, made the Chinese entertainment industrysurprise“. The singer-actor could face huge compensation for luxury brands.

3 days lost 15 advertising contracts

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On July 17, Ngo Diep Pham’s scandal of hunting underage girls broke out after hot girl Do My Truc posted a denunciation with evidence of photos and videos. After the incident was discovered, in just 3 days, the 31-year-old singer was canceled 15 advertising contracts for luxury goods, skin care, consumer goods, kitchens, bathrooms, games.

Particularly, the LV brand announced temporarily. stop cooperating with Ngo Diep Pham and wait for the final investigation results. The event of a drink brand with the presence of Ngo Yifan scheduled to be held on July 24 in Hangzhou (China) has also been canceled. Billboards in many public places were removed immediately.

Ngô Diệc Phàm or Kris Wu Underage Girl Hunting Case

Not to mention the effort that the organizers prepare, the money to invest in the location and run the ads as well as the ticket refund process for more than 1,000 spectators is enough to make the brand tired. Estimated price per ticket is about 3,000 yuan (more than 10.5 million dong).

Many sources revealed that the expenses arising from the cancellation of this show will be borne by the former EXO member because the main reason is due to his controversy. Besides, the question “How much total contract does Ngo Diep have to pay?” is still hotly debated. Some Chinese bloggers revealed that Cheng Zheng’s Turns out he was still here had to compensate brands up to more than 100 million yuan (equivalent to 355 billion dong).

Ngô Diệc Phàm or Kris Wu in the movie Thanh Tram Hanh

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However, many netizens predict the actual number to be higher than that, as the male singer has many advertising contracts for major foreign companies with values ​​ranging from 15 to 20 million yuan per year (from 15 to 20 million yuan per year). 53 to 71 billion VND).

Therefore, the total compensation fee for more than 10 brands must be a huge number. In particular, the social network once stirred the news that Ngo Diep Pham signed a 3-year long-term LV for 20 million US dollars (equivalent to 460.5 billion dong).

Sohu page quotes a lawyer: “When such negative news broke out, the brand has the right to terminate the contract. The specific amount of compensation depends on the agreement signed at the time.” Notably, Do My Truc once revealed that Ngo Diep Pham “sword fish” earned 2-3 billion yuan (more than 7,000 – 10,600 billion VND) in the past 10 years.

Also according to the statistics of Forbes China in 2017, the actor’s income reached 150 million yuan (VND 533 billion) that year. Therefore, the amount of compensation for the brand is certainly not a big problem for Ngo Diep Pham.

Many girls continue to “unmask” Ngo Diep Pham or Kris Wu

Many girls continue to “unmask” Ngo Diep Pham or Kris Wu

Noisy private life of Ngo Dich Pham has officially pushed Thanh brooch “into the warehouse” despite having obtained a screening permit. The audience flocked to watch the female lead Yangzi’s reaction to the incident. However, she still hasn’t taken any action.

Instead, netizens discovered that Chuong Tu Di or MC Ta Nam (Wife of Ngo Kinh) clicked like Ngo Diep Pham’s posts related to the noisy hunting of underage girls, then quickly unlike. MC Ta Nam explained that he only accidentally watched the news, hoping people would not speculate.

Particularly, Chung Han Dong admitted to fans that she watched closely and did not dare to leave the phone for fear of missing the news. Ly Tieu Lo was dragged into the controversy of Ngo Diep Pham when he was dug into the past to send shady messages to the owner of the hit Big Noodle Bowl. Ly Tieu Lo repeatedly denied and asked netizens not to speak indiscriminately.

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As of the afternoon of March 20, many female stars come from trainees, hot girls and even fans. In turn “unmasked” Ngo Diep’s promiscuous private life and “bed” habits. For 3 consecutive days, news about Ngo Diep Pham “occupies” the entire top 10 hot keywords across Chinese-language media .

On the 19th and 20th of July, the hot girl Do My Truc made public opinion even more bewildered because she suddenly disappeared, then appeared with a status line expressing helplessness. Many people think that this long leg is likely to have reached an agreement with Ngo Diep Pham’s crew, preparing to end this “drama” series.

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