Nadine Franken Can the Body be Released to the Family? Back again with the admin here, on this occasion the admin will review a discussion about Nadine Franken Can the Body be Released to the Family? which might make you feel touched and sad to read this story from Nadine because an unusual event has occurred.

Recently, it has been crowded on social media and on search engines about Nadine Franken, I don’t know what happened but there seems to be a feud between Nadine and the prosecutor, if you are curious and want to see or read this information, please read in full below.
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The police or the GGD doctor regularly calls the weekly service (a kind of first aid for criminal cases, where all new cases come in) to inform them that someone has died a non-natural death. As a public prosecutor, you then check whether a crime could have been committed.

If that is the case, or if that is not clear enough, an investigation will take place. Sometimes it is then necessary to confiscate the body. With dire consequences for the next of kin, because they cannot say goodbye to their loved one at that moment.

New Nadine Franken Can the Body be Released to the Family?

Nadine Franken Can the Body be Released to the Family?

In cases where you can immediately ‘release’ the body, you often spend less time thinking about everything that is involved in the death of that person. We get a lot of calls about ‘hips’, elderly people who have broken their hips after a fall and eventually die from the consequences.
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Because the fall is then the origin of the eventual death, this is a non-natural death. After all, it is not a natural course, but an external factor that ultimately results in death. Almost standard cases for a prosecutor. Until that time, shortly after the death of my own grandmother, I was also presented with such a case.

Suddenly I got a lump in my throat: my grandmother had also fallen first, so my grandmother was also a ‘little hip’ and before that a public prosecutor had also been called elsewhere in the country with the question whether the body could be released to the family?

So to us! At that moment I realized again how far-reaching the decisions you sometimes make as a public prosecutor, even in decisions that are common or relatively simple for us. It will be your grandmother.

The work of a public prosecutor is special, hectic, sometimes radical and has many sides that the outside world sees little of. This is one of them. But this also makes the work beautiful, because it can affect anyone, including your own life. And I don’t think I’ll ever forget a phone call like this that there’s a family behind it waiting for the prosecutor’s decision.

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