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New Murio Mirtha Legrand Twitter Memes Viral on Twitter

Murio Mirtha Legrand Twitter Memes Viral on Twitter

After an account of the aforementioned social network published the fake news, users soon turned the host into a trend with funny messages and a lot of indignation.

During this Tuesday Mirtha Legrand was a trend on Twitter when an account published the false news of her death. As had happened on other occasions, the users of the bird’s social network did not take long to use their creativity to joke about the situation and show their indignation.

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Since covid-19 was declared a pandemic, Mirtha Legrand took refuge in the safety of her home and took a step aside from the conduct of her program, leaving that place to her granddaughter, Juana Viale. Although she had anticipated that she would return to her television space after having the two doses of the vaccine, the diva confirmed that her return will be further delayed by the Delta variant.

For the moment I am not going back. Until spring I will not return to my program. Until the cold has passed, I will not go back to my work. I am afraid, they have to take care of me, they do not have to insist on me”, he was able to say in dialogue with La Nación.

This Tuesday, after it was confirmed that Legrand was at home and in good health, Twitter users shared their reaction about the moment they learned of the diva’s false death with the hashtag #ChauChiqui.

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Murio Mirtha Legrand Twitter Memes
Murio Mirtha Legrand Twitter Memes

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Murio Mirtha Legrand Twitter Memes
Murio Mirtha Legrand Twitter Memes
Murio Mirtha Legrand Twitter Memes

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