Chris Chan Twitter Sonichu Comic Creator Leaves Twitter

4 Mar

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Twitter often presents viral information, whether it be in the form of video content, photos or information that has occurred and is published on social media, especially Twitter, as we discussed on this occasion.

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New Chris Chan Twitter Sonichu Comic Creator Leaves Twitter

Chris Chan Twitter Sonichu Comic Creator Leaves Twitter

Christine Weston “Chris” Chandler, 39, better known online as CwcvillGaurdian or popularly known as Chris Chan, was trending online after scarring details regarding her “love quest” surfaced. The American YouTuber became popular after creating the Sonichu web-series.

The 39 year old originally identified as a male but over the years went on to discover her identity as a transgender woman. She began her career online in 2000, when she uploaded her comic web series to her website. Since then, she has been trolled online for creating a controversial comic and for her inappropriate behavior.
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Who is Chris Chan?

In March 2000, the content creator released her Sonichu web series. Her goal was to create a character which would be a combination of Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu. The comic went viral online in 2007 when Encyclopedia Dramatica mocked Chris Chan for her comics ridiculing women, being homophobic and for the creator herself being narcissistic and manipulative.

In September 2011, Chris claimed to be a “tomgirl” as she was going through gender dysmorphia. Her parents disapproved of her identity. In 2016, she went on to change her name to Christine and came out as transgender. The YouTuber claimed that her gender was changing after watching high frequency videos which led to her getting an orchiectomy. She also legally changed her gender and came out as bis3xu41.

Chris Chan has been embroiled in several controversies since she came online. The latest being her allegedly admitting to s3xu4lly assaulting her 80-year mother who is suffering from dementia. Audio and chat receipts of Chris Chan allegedly admitting to having s3xu41 relations with her mother surfaced online. The chat receipts contained explicit details regarding the alleged rape.

Information surfaced on Twitter that Greene County Police visited the Chandler residence for a wellness check after rumors of the assault began spreading online like wildfire. According to Twitter, hermother is at the hospital for a senior care inspection while Chandler has been removed from her residence.

Chris Chan’s previous controversy in regards to s3xu41 assault must be highlighted as well. The YouTuber had wanted a girlfriend with specific qualities and had dubbed the search as a “Love Quest.” Some characteristics included- being single while 18 years old, neurotypical etc.

Chris Chan was bashed online after denying putting any responsibility into a possible relationship as she wished to be a house husband. After desperately seeking a partner online, she was subjected to many trolls, including some people disguising themselves as potential girlfriends.

As of now, information regarding a court hearing has not been released. Incest is a Class 1 Misdemeanor with penalties going up to a $2,500 fine and one year in jail. Virginia Criminal Law can also identify the alleged assault as a class 5 felony which can lead to up to ten years in prison.

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