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Follow Up Client Repeat Buying Strategy

1. Haman’s understanding of the concept of repeat buying strategy

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A condition where there is a consumer who makes repeat purchases or makes transactions on the same product or at the same store. This condition basically occurs because the consumer begins to like the product provided by a store.

The first step that must be taken in order to get repeat buying is to provide the best service, treating consumers as if they were old customers or old friends.

Make them comfortable the first time they buy your product. why? because the first impression that you present will be able to determine whether the consumer is willing to come back for repeat buying or not.

2. Studying consumers and their basic fundamentals

Consumer behavior is the process and activity when a person relates to the search, selection, purchase, use, and evaluation of products and services to satisfy needs and wants. Consumer behavior is the things that underlie consumers to make purchasing decisions.

Then the decision-making process will be carried out with careful consideration. By understanding consumer behavior, the first thing that can be done is to design an appropriate marketing strategy. For example, when will a new menu be launched, when will the restaurant provide attractive discounts to buyers.

3. Develop a repeat buying strategy

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Give the best service or service because the first impression that you present will be able to determine whether the consumer is willing to come back for repeat buying or not.

Give Attractive Offers by giving special discounts for special products, or your special menu. Because in fact, consumers will always be attracted by discounts. Or with free shipping, every customer is almost certain to have great interest in the free shipping offer.

You just have to get customers to buy your product and send the product without giving the customer the burden of shipping costs, so that later they can get free shipping.

On Time in the Delivery Time Every customer will be very upset if the product they buy from an online store is late or slow in making the order process. Therefore, the promises you give to consumers are very obligatory for you to keep, including in terms of on time delivery.

Although this seems trivial, it will make consumers to consider whether to repeat orders or not. So it’s possible that no consumers will want to do repeat buying if you can’t keep your promises to your customers.

Give Attractive Packaging or Packaging Packaging or packaging is one of the factors that can provide a sense of satisfaction to consumers. For that, if you wrap a product at random, it is almost certain that consumers will judge you as a seller who does not have a big intention to sell.

In addition to packaging, you can also offer congratulations or thanks because later consumers will feel very happy and touched if you are able to pay attention to small things like this.

Take advantage of Personalized Marketing because repeat buying is very important for every businessman. For example, our repeat buying is low, meaning we have to keep bringing in new customers, which means higher costs, because to bring in new consumers we need brand activation, placement (advertising).

The final word

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