Announcement PSO2 Twitter Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Global

15 Mar

Daftar isi Back again with the admin here, on this occasion the admin will review a discussion about Announcement PSO2 Twitter Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Global that you may be looking for on a search engine and haven’t found accurate and precise information.

Games are one of the media to take time to get rid of fatigue and all the burdens of thoughts that have piled up so that they can be melted and channeled properly, a game is currently in great demand by most people in the world, including games that we will discuss on this occasion.
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As you know, there are so many games that you can play on your PC or on your Mobile, because for now a game is a very big tool in the world because every game at this time is always holding a match between countries and it is very interesting. for the gamers.

And on this occasion we will discuss a game called PSO2, the latest game that is most interested in by most gamers because the game is really fun to play, if you are curious, please refer to the discussion below until it’s finished regarding the latest announcement. from PSO2 on twitter.

New Announcement PSO2 Twitter Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Global

PSO2 Global

This PSO2 game is an adventure game featuring several characters from the players who are very cool and different from the others, it’s no wonder that this PSO2 game has a lot of fans, especially young people.
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Recently PSO2 has announced information on its official twitter account which contains about the opening of the server which will start on August 4 at 10:00, and the announcement received a lot of responses from prospective players from PSO2 so that it went viral in twitter.

What is the announcement like? see the image below:

PSO2 Global Announcement
PSO2 Global Announcement

If you are curious and want to try playing this latest game, please visit here. Because the global server has been opened and you can play.

Maybe that’s all the admin can inform, hopefully this information can be useful and happy playing, enjoy.
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The Final Word

Thus the discussion of the title above, hopefully this review can be useful and hopefully we can meet again in another discussion.
That’s all from admin, thank you very much for visiting.
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