America Mafalda Thayer Shakopee Alexis Saborit Viral Videos

1 Mar

Daftar isi Back again with the admin here, on this occasion the admin will review a discussion about America Mafalda Thayer Shakopee Alexis Saborit Viral Videos which has now gone viral and is in the public spotlight, especially in the United States, and the video has been widely circulated on social media.

The incident was recorded and spread on social media, and is now the highest keyword in the search engine, the police have also found out that someone is recording behind the viral scary video, and is now under investigation and has become a wanted list.
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Social media is indeed often filled with unexpected things, various information that appears on social media will go viral because its reach is very broad and comprehensive, as in our discussion on this occasion regarding the title above.

If you are a person who is looking for viral information related to the title above, then you are a very lucky person because in this discussion you will get complete and accurate information, so read this discussion to the end.

New America Mafalda Thayer Shakopee Alexis Saborit Viral Videos

America Mafalda Thayer Shakopee Alexis Saborit Viral Videos

A 55-year-old woman lost her life in broad daylight near Minneapolis, Minnesotta, United States on Wednesday, July 28. Police have arrested the victim’s lover in connection with the cruel incident.
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The dead body of America Mafalda Thayer was found lying on the ground next to a car by police who arrived in response to reports of violence in Shakopee, Minnesota. Officers found a large knife in a nearby alley and have arrested Alexis Saborit, Thayer’s lover.

Saborit, (42 years old) was arrested and charged with killing another person in the second degree, the police said.

Thayer worked at Dollar Tree and My Pillow, where co-workers said he had a long-term relationship with Saborit and was allegedly abused by his girlfriend. Saborit had previously been convicted of a minor offense of domestic violence, the KMSP reported.

A video recording the horrific incident that happened to Thayer has gone viral online. The video shows the moment Thayer was dragged out of the car and attacked before his body was dumped at the scene.

Police said they had arrested the person who filmed and distributed the video.

We are aware that someone took a video of this incident. We have the video. It is disturbing that the first instinct was to post it on social media,” said Shakopee Police Chief Jeff Tate.

This woman has a son, has family and people who care about her and the last place anyone should know about a tragedy involving a loved one is through social media“.
Thank goodness we were able to catch this person quickly.

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