Again! Cormac McCarthy Twitter Verification Back again with the admin here, on this occasion the admin will review a discussion about Again! Cormac McCarthy Twitter Verification which is viral on social media especially on twitter and there are lots of searches on google about him.

Recently, social media was stirred up by the verification of a blue tick from twitter for a fake Cormac McCarthy twitter account and this is the second time this has happened since 2012. Of course this can affect all users on twitter who might speculate that twitter will be easy to trick.
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This of course will not have a good impact and will even cloud the atmosphere, because it is felt that Twitter will be easier to fake than other social media by users who deliberately want to profit from it.

If you are curious about what actually happened, please read this discussion to the end, because the discussion below will explain why this can happen, especially twice like this. Here’s the discussion.

Again! Cormac McCarthy Twitter Verification

Again! Cormac McCarthy Twitter Verification

Twitter’s verification process is notoriously slapdash, but you’d expect the company not to fall for the exact same fake twice, right? Wrong!

In 2012, Twitter verified an account supposedly belonging to illustrious author Cormac McCarthy, which was in reality started by an unpublished novelist. Now, in 2021, it’s done the same thing again, briefly verifying a second McCarthy fake under the handle @CormacMcCrthy.

The account has now been un-verified, but a representative for McCarthy’s agent at ICM Partners confirmed that it was fake. “I can confirm that this is definitely not a genuine Cormac McCarthy account,” they said. “Twitter is aware of this situation and we hope to have the issue resolved shortly.” Twitter has yet to respond to a request for comment.
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It is certainly hard to believe that the 88-year-old McCarthy — best known for the unrelenting darkness and violence of his many novels, including The Road, Blood Meridian, and No Country for Old Men — would ever tweet anything quite as tweet as the following. But apparently Twitter HQ was none the wiser.

The @CormacMcCrthy account has been tweeting infrequently since 2018 but was verified after a pair of its tweets went viral, racking up tens of thousands of likes and retweets. Many Twitter users were instantly skeptical about the authenticity of the account. “We have so normalised the idea of geniuses demeaning themselves on social media that people can actually believe Cormac McCarthy would tweet in the cadence of a John Oliver monologue,” commented British novelist Ned Beauman.

Again! Cormac McCarthy Twitter Verification

But the lure of Doing Numbers apparently was too much for some to stay away. Another verified author, Stephen King, had a bit of back and forth with the fake McCarthy, though whether King was actually fooled by the account isn’t clear.

Twitter’s verification process is frequently criticized for being slow, unfair, or just simply wrong. It relaunched the verification process earlier this year, using the criteria that accounts should be “authentic, notable, and active” to be verified only to “pause” the program a week later. Researchers have noted that the company’s checks seem so haphazard that it frequently verifies spam and bot accounts. But still, they really should have noticed that something was up here.

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